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We design and action effective strategic meeting management projects, and provide expertise building better technology systems to create a solid data platform for your business.

We are Curvebox.  We help industry professionals and companies to work better and smarter.

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Technology moves and changes quickly:  we know it's hard work to implement a new platform or suite of IT tools.

Our team will help with the process - plus, we keep on top of the latest developments, so you don't have to...

We know that getting started on an SMM can be challenging - and if you have already started the process, you may need some support.

That's where we can help you...

Event Technology Expertise

Strategic Meetings Management

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Smart, efficient B2B strategies and projects that give you quality results

We'll help you decide on what event IT system will work best with your vision, and support you in the successful delivery of your SMM program.

We create and put into action effective strategies and technology built around your requirements. That's how we meet targets, generate efficiencies and boost your ROI, again and again.

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