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We design and action effective strategic meeting management projects, and provide expertise building better technology systems to create a solid data platform for your business.

We are Curvebox.  We help industry professionals and companies to work better and smarter.

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We know you use information technology.....what company doesn't these days?

The thing is....with new stuff coming along all the time, it is often hard to understand how that new widget would help your team and anyway, it all works, so no need to think about it right now, do we?

Sound familiar?

The cloud, SAAS, apps, hosted systems - or any other 'word of the day' - it can all be a bit overwhelming when you are looking to see what is available to help you and your team to become more efficient and reduce workload.

We've a real talent for assessing your current software set up, and helping you to implement a new, user friendly system, streamlining your online processes and removing double handling.  Oh - and better processes means better data - which gives you amazing reporting!  Win Win!

We provide expertise in implementing meeting technology, covering:

  • delegate and budget management
  • membership and association management
  • strategic meeting management
  • payments

Why not rethink your current system:  give us a call to see what can be achieved? 

Call us on + 44 (0) 1795 892 098 for a friendly chat - we'd love to hear from you!

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Information Technology for Meetings