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We design and action effective strategic meeting management projects, and provide expertise building better technology systems to create a solid data platform for your business.

We are Curvebox.  We help industry professionals and companies to work better and smarter.

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It absolutely does take some hard work, but the best bit is - each section is tailored to your own company, designed to achieve success.... and we can help you get there :o)

We help you decide which change area to focus on - and see where you can make quick wins...

Then we work with you to tackle each project as it is planned, using the stages shown here.

SMM is a process which helps you achieve a great meetings management program, project by project.  We will identify each element and break it down into realistic, achievable actions, with clear responsibilities and deliverables.  

How we make it happen

We are going to tackle your challenges head on, to collect big data, achieve policy compliance,

create savings and consolidate your spend,  bring in process improvement and attain greater ROI.

Your Strategic Meetings Management Program

It's a bit daunting, isn't it?? 

You've probably heard all sorts of comments about SMM:  

"It's an ENORMOUS project to take on..."

"You won't get the buy in..."

"It's going to take years to implement..."

Here at Curvebox, we've heard all these and more...but SMM doesn't

have to be like this :o)